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Epiphone Worn '66 Wilshire

One of a Kind Sound from Epiphone's Glorious Past! In 1957 Gibson purchased New York’s Epiphone Guitar Company and moved production to Kalamazoo, Michigan. With plans to expand retail distribution by differentiating Epiphone dealers from Gibson dealers, Gibson began production of a new line of...

Epiphone Worn '66 Wilshire

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Larrivee OM-40R Video Review

We are big fans of orchestra model guitars here at Fretbase, so you can imagine how drawn we were to the Larrivee OM-40R after watching this video review. Enjoy.


Jack Johnson's New Single I Got You is Return to Form

Popular acoustic guitarist Jack Johnson will be back with a new album in September and Fretbase has free streaming of the first single "I Got You." From what we can hear, the song is a return to form for the Hawaiian acoustic guitar player.


Game of Thrones Theme Song [video]

Game of Thronesis back! As you probably know the 3rd season kicked off last Sunday night. If you haven't had a chance to check out the series - do yourself a favor and get with season 1. To help celebrate the return of the series we have found a really cool version of the Game of Thrones theme song done on an acoustic guitar. Check it out!


Jimmy Fallon Plays Martin Dreadnaught in Duet with Selena Gomez

We never get tired of Jimmy Fallon's musical sketches, including this one where he plays a Martin guitar with Selena Gomez for a rendition of "Mario Kart Love Song."

You have never heard of Mario Kart Love Song? Well actually, neither had we (it's an original composition) but we always like seeing a nice Martin guitar brought into the mix.

We think that it's because of Fallon's talent with his Martin that he'll be succeeding Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.


Lyle Lovett Plays Collings Guitar at Tiny Desk Concert [Video]

We're a big fan of the Tiny Desk Concerts that NPR posts on YouTube. And we're even bigger fans now that NRP has posted a tiny desk concert featuring Lyle Lovett.

For those of you that aren't familiar with the Tiny Desk Concerts, they are usually performed in what looks like the NPR offices for NPR staff and a very small group of people. In Lyle's Tiny Desk Concert, he performed just 3 songs (pretty much par for the course for a a Tiny Desk Concert) and all pretty early songs from his catalogue: Cowboy Man, If You Were to Wake Up and Good Intentions. And as always, Lyle is playing a pretty nice Collings Guitar.


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