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Description: Socci & Pency EDIT

Two guys from Cleveland, Ohio, who write and perform acoustic guitar songs. The combined musical energy of Sean Sency and Mike Pocci, who create diverse, thoughtful, unique, instrumental, acoustic guitar music. Since one of them is Italian (Pocci) and the other is Irish (Sency), it’s naturally a solid duo. If you’re particularly astute, you will notice that the names “Socci” and “Pency” are slightly modified versions of the artists’ last names with the first initials switched around. This was the only solution to the argument of whose name should appear first.

More information about Socci and Pency is available on their MySpace page.

Fretbase reviewed Socci & Pency’s debut release “Just Visiting” in January, 2009.

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Almost Forgotten Amazon MP3
Awaken (I) Amazon MP3
Chivalry Is Not Dead Amazon MP3
Cloud Eight Amazon MP3
Conscious (II) Amazon MP3
Departure (Charcoal) Amazon MP3
Discover (III) Amazon MP3
Experience (IV) Amazon MP3
No Need to Impose Amazon MP3
Nocturnal Amazon MP3
Return to Power Amazon MP3
Seeds of the Sky Amazon MP3
Subconscious Amazon MP3
Sunrise to Twilight Amazon MP3
The Beach Song Amazon MP3
The Journey Amazon MP3
Wander (V) Amazon MP3

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Comments: Socci & Pency

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Kevin (over 5 years ago)

I love their song "Epic" but I dont have a credit card so I can never buy online. It sucks so bad. I really would pay if I could, but I just cant. I dont think theyre in it for the money, but getting about 1000 visits to their site per day is probably giving them quite an income.

I dont know what else to say. These guys are great and they should share their music with a poor and sad world.

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Sean (almost 6 years ago)

So, I'm interested in these posts..... Let me clarify, I'm one half of S & P and think think it sucks that we get branded by any comment to say that we have no soul or are not in it for the music. The fact of the matter is that we operate at a loss to record our music and share it with all of our fantastic fans. We just look to keep some fuel coming in so that we can continue to deliver for the people the enjoy our music. Hopefully that clarifies and we're sorry to hear that you feel this way.


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Ryan (over 6 years ago)

I love their style and everything.But i also agree with Alex.I mean COME ON!!! not everybody can buy online
not everybody has a credit card.Socci and Pency you should give your tabs for free.

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Chris (over 6 years ago)

Andy McKee sells tabs, too - is he just "in it for the money?" It's perfectly acceptable for artists who create great music to charge a small price for their creations.

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Alex (over 6 years ago)

Love their music, bought their album. But I gotta say I dont like how they put their tabs for purchase. It shows their in for the money. Not for the love of music

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