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Joe Bonamassa is an American blue-rock guitarist, vocalist and songwriter from Utica, NY. Bonamassa began playing guitar at age four on a short-scale Chiquita given to him by his father who was also a guitar player. He quickly outgrew the short-scale guitar and by age 10 was playing gigs in NY.

Joe Bonamassa’s solo debut came in 2000 with the release of A New Day Yesterday, which includes a cover of the original Jethro Tull song. From there Bonamassa has released a string of solo albums both in the US and the UK.

Gibson Guitar released a Joe Bonamassa Les Paul in 2008 that features an aged goldtop with a black pickguard built by the Gibson Custom Shop.

A partial list of other gear used by Joe Bonamassa:

  • 2009 Fender Deluxe V Neck Custom Shop Special
  • 1958 Gibson ES-140T
  • 1950 Gibson ES-5
  • 1961 Guild X-375
  • Early 60s Airline
  • 1953 Hoyer Regent
  • Van Weelden Twinkle Land head
  • Carol Ann JB-100 head
  • Category 5 JB Custom head
  • Marshall Silver Jubilee
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power
  • Boss DD-3 Delay
  • Ibanez TS808
  • Custom Dunlop Fuzz Face
  • Vox wah
  • Fulltone tremolo

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Photo Credit: Jerry Angelica Photography via Creative Commons

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A New Day Yesterday iTunes Amazon MP3
Bridge To Better Days iTunes Amazon MP3
Had To Cry Today iTunes Amazon MP3
Sloe Gin iTunes Amazon MP3

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Comments: Joe Bonamassa

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Kerry (over 5 years ago)

unbelievable, been following the blues since 62 as a 6 year old. Great too see the blues spirit staying alive

Vote_up Vote_down
Bill J. (over 6 years ago)

Been following Joe for about seven yrs now...nothing he can't do with a guitar! He's the best around, and deserves to be in the same category with Clapton, SRV, Hendrix, & any of the other greats that were his early influences. Joe is very professional, humble, approachable, extremely talented & giving. Unbelievably nice person & the type of role model that young people need. It's really been a treat to turn people on to Joe's music. His studio recordings are great, but to see him live is a whole different experience...he never disappoints! He was born to do's so evident in his performing...the versatility in his singing & playing....he's totally committed to communicating his feelings to the point that you "live" it with him. If you haven't seen him...GO...& TAKE SOME FRIENDS....THEY'LL BE GLAD YOU DID...AND SO WILL YOU.

Vote_up Vote_down
Sean (over 6 years ago)

My wife and I (Nancie) first enjoyed Joe at Nathan P. Murphy's in Springfield in 2005 with another couple. His show that night was absolutely outstanding!!! We have followed his career for the last four years and followed his tours along with going to his shows in Missour and Oklahoma. Wish he had more here to go to, but he is definitely a performer beyond any live ones I have ever seen! Keep going Joe, you are the man!!!!!

Vote_up Vote_down
H.L.H. (almost 7 years ago)

Myson and I saw J.B. at a small amphitheatre venue in south Florida and it was the finest live guitar playing I've heard in my 59 yrs. on this planet ! I am eagerly looking forward to his next visit ! Oh, by the way, his band was tight as a drum ,as well.

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