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The Rolling Stones were founded by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (b. 1943) in 1962. The original line up included Bill Wyman on bass, Charlie Watts on drums and Brian Jones was added as a second guitar player. Other guitar players that have been in the Rolling Stones lineup include Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood.

Richards was influenced by Chuck Berry, Jimmy Reed and Muddy Waters. Keith is also credited as being an early adopter of the fuzz pedal, employing it on “Satisfaction” in 1965. Keith Richards is strongly associated with the Fender Telecaster and often employs open tunings to create chordal riffs that help drive many Rolling Stones songs. Richards has also been known to remove the low E string from his guitar to help create his unique sound. Richards is said to own over 1000 guitars including a ’59 Gibson Les Paul and a Gibson ES-335.

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Angie iTunes Amazon MP3
Brown Sugar iTunes Amazon MP3
Gimme Shelter iTunes Amazon MP3
Jumping Jack Flash iTunes Amazon MP3
Loving Cup iTunes Amazon MP3
Paint It Black iTunes Amazon MP3
Satisfaction iTunes Amazon MP3
Street Fighting Man iTunes Amazon MP3
Sympathy For The Devil iTunes Amazon MP3

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Gadflyonthewall (almost 5 years ago)

Of the above-listed songs, "Street Fighting Man" and "Gimme Shelter" are entirely Richards, as is, surprisingly, "Ruby Tuesday". "Lovely melody, touching lyric. I sing it to myself all the time. It makes me cry. I had nothing to do with it" -- MJ. Also surprisingly, "Brown Sugar" is mostly MJ, including the famous riff which he says came to him while taking peyote in the Outback on the set of Nicholas Roeg's "Ned Kelly". "Jumping Jack Flash", which Keith says is his favourite song, was actually conceived by Charlie and Bill playing around on the piano "Mick overheard us, and a half an hour later came back with that amazing lyric".

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Budi arab (almost 7 years ago)

this guys is my guitar hero....thanks dude...

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