Eric Clapton Unplugged – His Guitars and Gear


Originally recorded at Bray Studios in London in 1992, Eric Clapton Unplugged went on to become the best selling unplugged album in history and is credited by many for sparking a new interest in acoustic guitar playing.  The set list was a bold one with Clapton incorporating tunes by Robert Johnson (like Walkin’ Blues and Malted Milk), Layla (from his days with Derek and the Dominoes) and his then-recent tracks like Tears in Heaven.  The album was not only a tremendous success in sales but it also won six Grammy Awards including Album of the Year, Best Rock Male Vocal, and Best Rock Song.

Many guitar players (including the author) have wanted to recreate Clapton’s sound on this album.  Read on to get information about the guitars and gear Clapton used to create this gem.


For his performance on Unplugged, Clapton primarily played a 1939 Martin 000-42 and a Martin 000-28.  The guitar used for the recording was eventually sold at auction for almost $800,000 – a world record for a Martin Guitar.  Following the release of Unplugged and the resulting interest in Clapton’s guitar, Martin released two similar Eric Clapton signature models – the Martin Martin 000-28EC and the Martin 000-42M Eric Clapton.


It is hard to get really good information on this, but it is believed that Eric Clapton used Martin Phosphor Bronze Light Guitar Strings on Eric Clapton Unplugged.


Accurate tabs for all of the songs can be found here.


All of the tracks on the Unplugged album are tremendous.  Here they are:

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  1. newswede

    Uh yeah. There are PLENTY of sites with WAY more info than this. Waste of time. What about the Dobro? What about the 12 string? The Classical guitars? The kazoo! The microphones?

  2. Dave

    Thanks for the comment newswede. You are right that there is a lot more information out there but we’re just getting started and will be fleshing out our data much more in the coming months. Please keep coming back and you’ll see our info ramping up substantially. Also, if you know of equipment we left out, please post it here. We’re collecting all of the info we can get!

    Thanks for coming.