Chris Isaak and His Gibson Guitars

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We have been thinking about Chris Isaak a lot lately since he recently played the Mountain Winery in Saratoga (not too far from us here at Fretbase).  We did a little research into his guitars and here is what we learned.

The guy is into Gibson guitars.

His primary electric guitar is a custom white Gibson ES-345 (in first photo).  He says that people often think it is a Gretsch because it’s white but it is really a Gibson.  The ES-345 guitar is the first on which Gibson used 5-way variable tone control in 1959.  Gibson released a Chris Isaak signature model of this guitar in 2004.  Chris also plays a Chet Atkins Country Gentleman.

As for acoustics, Isaak plays a  Gibson J-200 Sunburst (now called the SJ-200).  He plays and writes songs on it at night – often working on tunes right up until the point where he falls asleep.

All of Isaak’s songs are available on iTunes and Amazon.

Has anybody seen Chris Isaak in concert with any of these guitars?  We’d love to hear how he was in the comments.

Photos courtesy of Gibson Guitars.

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  1. Helena Christensen

    I was with Chris Isaak when he filmed the music video, Wicked Game, on the beach. Not even *I* knew that he used a Gibson. Thanks, Fretbase!