Dan Auerbach’s Gear (Some of it…)


The Black Keys are coming to San Francisco this weekend as part of the Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park.  If you’re not in the know, the Outside Lands Festival is a 3-day affair headlined by Radiohead, Jack Johnson and Tom Petty with about 50 other artists playing, including our favorite – The Black Keys (iTunes link).

Little random fact:  “Outside Lands” was an old name for the area that is now Golden Gate Park, before the park or any of the surrounding neighborhoods were built.

In honor of The Black Keys upcoming show in SF, we’d thought we give you a run down of some Dan Auerbach’s gear.  This won’t be an exhaustive list, just some highlights.

Fender Jerry Donahue Telecaster – Dan has been known to use a modified version of the Japanese made Jerry Donahue Telecaster.  The one pictured above is the stock version.  Dan has been known to have added DiMarzio twin-blade humbuckers and a tremolo arm to his (see above).

Search Ebay for one.

Harmony Stratotone H47 – The Harmony Stratotone H47 was produced in the late ’50s and early ’60s.  Harmony was the largest manufacturer of guitars in it’s heyday, selling 350,000 instruments in 1965.  Dan modded his with two P-90 pickups. Harmony is still around, now doing re-issues.

Search Ebay for one.

Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone – The Maestro Fuzz Tone is another classic vintage piece of gear.  First made famous when Keith Richards plugged one in for “Satisfaction” (iTunes link), it’s now another collectors item.

Search Ebay for one.

Gibson Firebird VII – The Gibson Firebird VII first appeared in 1963 with a design based on mid-50′s car tailfins. The Firebird VII features 3 mini-humbuckers and banjo tuners.

You can still get one at Musiciansfriend

Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue – The Twin Reissue is an 85-watt monster that’s known as a classic blues amp.  You’ll often see a Gibson ES-335 leaned up against one.  It’s powered by four 6L6 Groove Tubes for that classic Fender sound…mmm good.

You find these at Musiciansfriend as well.

Do you know of other gear? Post away in the comments!

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  1. Jamie

    oh he uses a big muff. I think it’s a russian cause it doesn’t sound as worn as an american.

  2. Brian

    We added a couple of pages to the database for The Black Keys and Dan Auerbach:

    Dan Auerbach:

    The Black Keys:

  3. Brian

    You can also check out this picture of Dan Auerbach’s pedal board:


    Please let us know if you can identify any of those pedals

  4. b

    Ive seen a 1960s ampeg b12/b15 fliptop amp on stage when the keys played Stubbs

  5. Matthias

    It’s not a pedal I’ve spotted but should be considered as a part of his gear… On the picture he’s (I’m 99% sure) using a Lava Cable Retro Coil metallic red


    You gotta love mini humbuckers. You get both benefits, from being in the exact middle of the single coils and humbuckers. And they sounds so soft. Great Blog, I will be forwarding this.