Robert Johnson’s Guitar For Sale


Robert Johnson’s Gibson L-1 acoustic guitar is going on the auction block.  Apparently the owner didn’t realize what they had until they saw the 1990 Robert Johnson box set, released with the picture of Johnson and his Gibson L-1 and matched the two guitars.

Back in ’20′s and ’30′s each Gibson was individually hand made and unique.  Experts were able to compare the Robert Johnson Gibson L-1 in the picture and the one owned by anonymous seller and confirm the authenticity.  The seller is asking for £3.25 million or about $6 million USD.

This price would break the previous selling records set for a single guitar including Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” that went for $959,500 USD to Guitar Center and a charity auction for the 2004 Asian Tsunami victims that had a Strat signed by celebs that went for $2.6 million.

The final selling price could be more, if a rumored bidding war breaks out between Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and Morgan Freeman.  If you can’t afford it, they make a re-issue here.


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  1. Terry Johinke

    We’ll never know:Gibson didn’t put serial nos. on them. I have played a 1928 L1 and that was about 20 years ago-it sounded GREAT. Even if the so-called experts think it’s Johnson’s guitar it’s a HUGE risk @ $6m(USD).

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