Peter Frampton Comes to Guitar Store Then Comes Alive

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While a lot of us that lived through the 70′s try to pretend that we were really in to Zeppelin, the album that everybody seemed to have in my neck of the woods was Frampton Comes Alive.  Recorded in 1975 at Winterland in San Francisco, Frampton played a black Gibson Les Paul and recorded an album that went onto multiplatinum status.  Read on to learn more about how Frampton got there.

Modern Guitars Magazine recently published an interview with Frampton where he explains how far back he goes with guitars.

I was working on Saturdays at the local music store, which was actually a department in the big Robertsons Electric Store. You could buy a washing machine, a record player. But, there was a music division and they went overboard and we had Gretschs, Strats, Teles.

We had the whole deal. This was 1964. We had 335s, 175s [Gibson Les Paul ES-335 and ES-175]. If I think of all the guitars I used to have to clean and re-string every Saturday, my God they would be worth a fortune now!

I worked on Saturdays and basically all the top local musicians would come in and I would jam with them, in the shop, to sell them something.

Yet another reason to support your local music store.

Peter Frampton Interview (Modern Guitars Magazine)

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