Fender Introduces “Road Worn” Guitars and Basses


It looks like Fender is taking a cue from the world blue jeans and making the worn-out look a new fashion with guitars.  Soon you’ll no longer have to wait 20 years and beat the hell out of your guitar to get that worn in look.  Fender is introducing a new line of guitars called the “Road Worn Series“.

The Fender Road Worn Series guitars will have a distressed look that’s often featured on some of Fender’s higher-end Custom Shop replicas.  The Road Worn Series will consist of the ’50s Telecaster, ’50s Stratocaster and ’60s Stratocaster and a ’50s Precision and ’60s Jazz bass.

The Fender Road Worn Series will include some of the more modern improvements to the classics including a 5-way selector switch on the Strats and larger fret wire.  The guitars will also have their Tex-Mex single coil pickups.  Pricing for these relic’d beauties start at $950.00 for the guitars and $1200.00 for the basses. Musician’s Friend has a few up on their site already.  The standard ’50s and ’60s Teles and Strats go for about $700.00, so your “Road Worn” look costs about $250.

Personally I really like the look of these guitars.  With the way prices for real 50′s and 60′s vintage Fender’s ranging from $8k – $50k this helps those of us without the means to have that worn in feel without winning the lottery.  Plus with a real vintage instrument you have to be very careful and take really good care of it. With the “Road Worn Series” guitars you get the classic look but don’t feel like your handling an antique while on stage.

Update: After seeing these guitars in person at NAMM I’m not as excited as I once was.  The aging process Fender uses on these guitars looks a little too contrived.  The wear-in on the neck especially didn’t look authentic and coupled with the fact these are MIM Fenders, at the current price point I’d rather have an American made Standard.

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