GarageBand to Include Guitar Lessons From Major Artists – Like Sting


There is nothing we love more than guitars here at Fretbase.  The only thing that comes close, however, is new technology.  So this morning we’re riveted by the liveblogs of Apple’s keynote presentation at MacWorld.  Little did we know how much our two worlds would collide.

During the presentation, Apple announced that in the newest version of GarageBand video guitar lessons would be made available for $4.99.  And we’re not talking about guitar lessons from the guy who works in your local guitar store.  We’re talking about lessons from major artists like Sting and John Fogerty.

In the words of the editors at Engadget, “My prediction: This feature alone is going to sell hundreds of thousands of Macintoshes.”

Photo courtesy of Engadget

Macworld Keynote Liveblog (Engadget)

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