Stefano Barone: Another Incredible Guitarist You’ve Never Heard Of


Today we’ve stumbled upon yet another incredible guitarist we’ve never heard of before (and we’re just gonna assume you’ve never heard him before either).  Stefano Barone is shaping up to be another one of those really talented musicians who end up getting discovered through YouTube videos.  Full Story with Video.

We all remember Andy McKee right?  Well if you don’t recognize the name, I’m willing to bet you’ve seen Andy’s YouTube video. It only has about 19,000,000 views…  Andy McKee is now signed to a label called CandyRat Records which also has signed a bunch of other very talented instrumental guitarists including our friend Stefano Barone.

Let’s check out the video.

Stefano Barone is an Italian guitarist who has an incredible fingerstyle technique that conjures some amazing harmonic and melodic sounds we didn’t even know an acoustic guitar could do on it’s own.  He just released his first album this past December titled Particolare#uno that’s full of instrumental acoustic work.

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  1. matt Stevens

    Very cool – love the blog – if you want to hear ever more obscure guitar stuff check out my site

  2. Victor007

    Un des guitaristes que je trouve le plus inventif. Il a le rythme et le soucis des harmoniques. Il est vraiment très à l’aise ; I say cheer and congratulations.