The GarageBand Lesson Store – The Next Revolution in Music?

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Today TechCrunch published an excellent story suggesting that the new Lesson Store built into Apple’s GarageBand (which is part of iLife ’09) could be the next big revolution in music.  (We have shared our excitement about this product in a previous article.)  As the article points out, the current solutions for getting tablature or sheet music aren’t that good (they are usually either illegal or overpriced – and in both cases pretty inaccurate).  Full Story.

To the rescue comes the GarageBand Lesson Store.  According to the article, the lesson store includes video lessons from the actual artists – so you know they are right.  The section of music being played is displayed right alongside the video of the artist playing the tune.  At $5 apiece, the lessons are pretty reasonable considering what you get.  We’re pretty excited about it.  We’re just sorry it is too late for Robert Johnson to do a lesson.

The GarageBand Lesson Store Could Be the Next Revolution in Music (TechCrunch)

Apple iLife ’09 (Amazon)

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