Adrian Belew’s Out-Of-This-World Signature Parker Fly


Getting your own signature guitar is the rockstar version of a Lifetime Achievement Award – the opportunity to have an entire corporate skunkworks at your disposal to implement the craziest, most mind-blowing customizations ever.  In my opinion, though, most people totally blow this opportunity…but Adrian Belew sure didn’t.   Full story…

I could go on for hours about what makes the normal Parker Fly guitar so incredibly awesome, but instead I’ll simply say that Belew – renowned for pushing the envelope of what electric guitars can do – has mutated this thing into a kind of all-powerful guitar cyborg.  Here are a few of the modifications that make the Parker Fly Adrian Belew Signature one of the most versatile instruments in the world:

- Sustainiac neck pickup, capable of infinite sustain and wild feedback effects at any volume.

- MIDI pickup with 13-pin jack, allowing guitarists to play guitar synthesizer and (via computer) trigger samples of any instrument imaginable.

- Line-6 Variax controls, which use advanced digital modeling to reproduce the sounds of 25 different guitars (including totally convincing acoustic, 12-string, and sitar settings!).

Still not convinced?  Here’s a video of Belew, clearly pleased to be talking about his new toy:

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  1. Dave

    Still not convinced.

  2. Michael

    What would it take? I suppose playing it would go a long way. The Moog guitar is pretty cool too, but I said “versatile,” not “superior in every possible way” – although with that graphite reinforced neck you could throw the thing and not break it, which gives it major points in MY book.

  3. Tim

    Doesn’t Fender have a somewhat similar model? The “VRG,” or something?

  4. Brian

    The Fender VG is the guitar you’re thinking of. It has Roland VG pickup that can emulate other guitars including a sitar. That said, the Adrian Belew Parker Fly can do a bit more than the Fender VG with the Sustainiac pickup. It’s more like the Moog Guitar in that sense.

  5. Michael

    It also has the individual piezo pickups for each string, while we’re on the “versatility” mark. But we’re ignoring all of the OTHER reasons that Parker Guitars are superior to almost everything. Ultimately it’s not about one feature in particular but that they all exist in the same instrument that really blows my mind.

  6. Bladzerok

    there is definetely not enough featoures on this guitar. i mean, you can’t even cook a meal with it

  7. Michael

    Au contraire, Bladzerok…

    I’m pretty sure if you shred it hard enough you can start a fire. MY eyeballs caught flame just LOOKING at it.

    Seriously though, if you played it through a big enough amplifier, I bet you could boil water with the sound.

  8. rosewoodblues

    anyone else catch that it DID NOT return to perfect tune? must be a prototype!

  9. Jordan

    I played the strat VG. It’s not as good as this. It has a roland instead of a variax. It’s still pretty freakin’ cool, and it’s only 1000, but this guitar is muuuuch more versatile. Also it doesn’t have a midi