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When Brian and I started Fretbase, we dreamed that at some point our site would grow to the point where we would get the opportunity to interview one of our idols.  Well Fretbase readers, today our dream came true.  Neil Diamond, one of our all-time favorite singer-songwriters agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to sit down for a semi-exclusive interview.  We’re still coming down from our high as I write this story.  Read on for the full text of the interview.

Because we’re focused on guitars here at Fretbase, we wanted to start off with a question about the guitars Diamond plays.

Q: Our readers at Fretbase would like to know your favorite guitars to play.

AMostly Gibson and Martin acoustics although I’m starting to work with some Gibson electrics that I like very much.

At this point it started to feel like it was time to wrap up the interview – in part because we were interviewing him on Twitter.

Neil Diamond on Fretbase

Fretbase on Twitter

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  1. Tyler

    Hey guys, this is awesome! One of my friends loves Neil Diamond so much, he dressed up as him for Halloween. Also, I’m glad to see he’s mostly partial to Gibson….Sweeeeet Gibson…bom bom bommm!

  2. Michael

    In MY OWN recent interview with Neil Diamond, he replied: “Mail Subservice Delivery Failure: Mailbox does not exist.” What a nice guy!