How a Gibson Guitar Helped Create Spinal Tap


This story does not go to eleven (mandatory opening line for a story related to Spinal Tap).  The New York Times had a great story yesterday about how the original three members of Spinal Tap – Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer – are going out on a tour billed as “Unwigged and Unplugged.”  Of course the original drummer can’t join them since he died after choking on vomit – oddly, not his own vomit.  The article describes how founding members Christopher Guest and Michael McKean first bonded in the late 1960′s over a certain model of Gibson guitar they both owned.  Care to find out which one?  Read the whole story.

It turns out that the guitar was a  Gibson ES-335TD.  But it was a little different than the Gibson ES-335 manufactured today.  The “TD” stood for (“thin-line, dual pick-up”) and it was a semi-hollowbody guitar very popular until Gibson stopped producing it in 1982.  We’re a fan of any guitar that played a hand in bringing us the song Big Bottom.

Spinal Tap on Fretbase

Gibson ES-335 on Fretbase

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