Pearl Jam’s Bassist Robbed

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Pearl Jam‘s bass player, Jeff Ament, was robbed by a group of three thugs armed with knives.  The incident appears to have happened sometime in April when Ament was pulling into the Pearl Jam studios in Atlanta, GA.  The good news is that Ament was only slightly injured in the incident – he received a cut on his head when he was tackled by one of the assailants.  The bad news is that no one has been arrested yet.

When Ament arrived at the back entrance of the studio, along with an employee of the band, the three men dressed in black stormed the SUV.  Ament tried to escape and was tackled as he ran from the truck.  In all they reported losing $3,000 in cash and $4,320 in other goods.

Security cameras caught the whole incident on tape.  Yahoo! has the video.

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