T-Rex Releases Two New Pedals

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Guitar pedal manufacturer T-Rex has announced two “new” pedals to their lineup.  The Gristle King and the Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator (DGTM).  The new line of Gristle pedals were the result of the collaboration between technician Tim Jauernig and guitar player Greg Koch and at least the DGTM has been around for a while to players.

It looks like T-Rex “adopted” the Gristle line and has now made it a part of their family. The Gristle King has a street price of $279 and the Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator goes for around $139.  Full story…

The Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator (DGTM) has three knobs – “Gristle” for dialing in the saturation, “Tone” adjusts the…um, tone and “Gravy” adjusts the volume of your signal.  There’s also a “Flavour” toggle switch to change the voice from a vintage crunch to a more compressed gain.



The Gristle King is a combination of the features of the DGTM and Tim Jauernig’s Luxury Drive booster, offering a wide variety of boost and overdrive possibilities. Besides the controls that are also appearing on the DGTM (Gristle, Tone, Gravy and Flavour) and the Luxury Drive (MORE), the DGTM has two new toggles (Pre/Post & Phat). The Gristle King gives you two effects, plus extra tonal possibilities, in one compact unit.

T-Rex Gristle King

T-Rex Gristle King

Pretty sweet.

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