Martin Custom 000-15SM Mahogany Available For Pre-Order From My Favorite Guitars


martin-000-15sm1Like a lot of people, we were pretty disappointed last year when Martin Guitar stopped manufacturing the Martin 000-15s as a standard model.  The all-mahogany (or sometimes sapele) slothead was a beauty that harkens back to an earlier time.  Sure, we weren’t crazy about the tuning pegs or the decal rosette but for an all-mahogany (and sometimes sapele) small-bodied guitar from Martin, what could you expect for $1,249 street price?  Yes, you can expect even more.

So we were therefore pretty excited this year when we learned that Martin was updating the 15-series with guitars that would be guaranteed to be mahogany and had some improved features – a real rosette, improved fretboard inlays and nickel tuners with butterbean nobs.  You would think the problem would be solved.  Except for one thing, Martin only released a dreadnought and a 000 model – the Martin 000-15M and the Martin D-15M.  No 000-15S.  But the story doesn’t end there….

The good folks at My Favorite Guitars have come to the rescue.  Seeing the gap in the Martin line, My Favorite Guitars has partnered with Martin to create their own custom model – the Martin 000-15SM Custom.  In the words of MFG, the Martin 000-15SM will mimic the discontinued 12-fret 000-15S in scale length, nut width, etc. but will have the same specs as Martin’s new line of M guitars.  To make matters even better, the guitar is priced at $1249 – the same street price as the original 000-15S but with all of the improvements. The guitars are expected to start shipping in May.

The only catch is that this is a limited order so we’d recommend getting your order in early.  (We waited to publish this story until we got our order in.)

Martin 000-15SM Mahogany Custom

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  1. Dave

    I’m writing to confirm that my order is in and I can’t wait to see this guitar in real-life (as opposed to in my dreams).

  2. Peter

    This is great news…the 1 3/4″ nut as well as some of the other upgrades. The 15 sounds so nice for bluesy sound. I have used the FX Custom lights and have found a very soft response, but with good sustain. It will be a nice Spring with these due in May/June 2010!

  3. three bars mike

    Ordered mine from Jon in FEB. (same day I got my D-42 from him). working with Jon was a pleasure. I stongly urge any one in the market to contact Jon or Sharon.

  4. Joe McKloski

    Please put me on the list for one of these 000-15MS guitars. Also indicate method of payment.

  5. Dave

    Joe – You need to order directly from My Favorite Guitars. Jon and Sharon there are very helpful.

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    Mine arrived thursday (#9 of the first 28).With bone nut, saddle, and ebony pins there is not left to set up. Neck relief seems to be spot-on. I may lower the action A hair. This has good projection, clean crisp mids, and trebles, and that famous Martin growl on the bottom.

  8. Nick

    Sharon’s got my $100 deposit and I’m waiting impatiently to add another Martin to my guitar tree. I really wanted to get a 000-15S during Marty’s 175th Anniversary year but had already purchased a 000-15 and a J12-15. When I googled up MFG while searching for the original 15S and ran across this beauty, I was happy I hadn’t managed to find the plain-jane original!! Now I’m praying this particular guitar isn’t a lemon.

    I wonder what this sweetie would sound like in rosewood and topped with spruce….

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  11. Peter

    I’ve been playing mine since Spring; it’s everything I hoped and then some! Sharon and Jon were terrific and this guitar is perfect for warmth, balance and tonal qualities. The 1 3/4″ neck is comfortable for fingerstyle play. This is my first play of a 12 fret, and slotted. I’ve found FX Special light strings to sound the best…the guitar bends the blues in a most beautiful way.

    Great purchase from My Favorite Guitar.

  12. Peter

    PS: I have put a few videos on YouTube so others could see and hear the guitar.


  13. Peter

    PS: I have put a few videos on YouTube so others could see and hear the guitar.