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This time of year, the only thing that competes with guitar playing for my time is baseball.  And at night, they often don’t compete.  When the Giants are playing on a weeknight, you can usually find me trying to fingerpick a Mississippi John Hurt song while also rooting for a Giants victory.  In fact, this time of year baseball and guitar playing go hand-in-hand.

But apparently I’m not alone in splitting (and sharing) my time between baseball and guitar.   According to ESPN, a lot of the guys in Major League Baseball are also serious guitar players. ESPN profiles Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz – who has a pretty interesting pre-game routine.  Buchholz will read the scouting report.  He will do his video study.  He will have throw his practice throws and lift his weights.  He will meet with his pitching coach and catcher.  And then do you know what he does?

He plays guitar.

And it seems to be working.  After starting to play the guitar as part of his pre-game routine in Triple A last year, this year Buchholz is 6-3 with a 3.07 ERA.

Buchholz started playing his sophomore year in college.  He picked up his roommate’s guitar, taught himself from finding stuff on the Internet (sadly, Fretbase wasn’t around then) and the rest is history.  Buchholz has at least four guitars including two Gibson Songwriters and two electric guitars.

From reading the article, we learned that there are a lot of other Major League Baseball players who play guitar.  Here is a list of Major League Baseball players who play guitar.

1.  Tim Wakefield

2.  Daniel Bard

3.  Jon Lester

4.  Josh Beckett (owner of a Taylor 814)

5.  J.D. Drew

6.  Barry Zito

And then of course, there is former baseball player Bernie Williams who we profiled in 2008.

Do you know a Major League baseball player that plays guitar that we missed?  Please let us know in the comments.

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Guitar Part of Buchholz’s Routine (ESPN)

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  1. Jamorama

    I always wanted to play guitar, and now I finally picked up my dads old guitar and I tuned it with an online tuner. I want to be able to learn to play songs from tutorials on you tube, but since I don’t know anything about tabs and stuff…. Please help me….