VHT Adds the Special 12/20 to the Affordable Handwired Line-up

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Over a year ago VHT released a hand-wired 6-watt amp called the Special 6, that allowed guitarists with light pockets to afford a quality tube amp.  Along with the Special 6 Ultra, VHT is adding the Special 12/20 – a versatile amp designed for power tube customization in a pedal-friendly package.

Playing with power

The VHT Special 12/20 provides the guitarist with the ability to customize the output stage in a couple of ways.  First, as the name implies, the VHT 12/20 offers two output-power ranges, along with a special voltage range switch, all safely located behind the rear panel of the amp.  In the 12-watt setting the amp you can go with either 6V6 or EL84 tubes.  The amp ships with 6V6s but you will need a socket adapters to swap in EL84s.  The high voltage!, 20-watt setting is ideal for the higher powered 6L6 or EL34 tubes.  I think that gives you a pretty wide range of choice when it comes to the output stage.  Couple that with the Special 12/20′s variable watts control and you could have a bedroom-rockstar, turned gear-head dream machine.

Plays well with others

Turns out the VHT 12/20 is also set up to work well with pedal boards and multi-effects units.  It also features a low-impedence buffered effects loop send – with variable send level – that can help drive a wide range pedals, rack effects and MEUs with minimal tone sucking.

But one of coolest features of the amp is the fact they included a built-in 9-volt DC pedal power supply.  Genius!

The VHT Special 12/20 Combo has a street price of $524.99; the Special 12/20 head has a street price of $449.99

VHT Special 12/20

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