Last Minute Gifts for Guitar Players

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Judging by the amount of visitors we get here at Fretbase, we know that there are many, many guitar players out there.  And if you are reading this, it seems highly likely that you have one on your gift list.

Since we have had it as our mission from Day 1 to bring happiness to guitar players the world over, we have prepared this list of gifts for guitar players that you still have enough time to order and get delivered before the holidays.   (Well, at least, one set of holidays.  Jewish guitar players will have to get their Hanukkah gifts late this year.)

Read on for five suggested gifts for guitar players that will keep your guitar player content through Valentine’s Day (at which point we’ll have more suggestions).

1.  A New Capo

Here is a simple fact about guitar players.  We are always misplacing our capos.  We don’t just occasionally misplace them.  We misplace them constantly.  If a guitar player played a song today with a capo, then he or she probably misplaced it.

While many solutions have been suggested for this problem, the most effective solution is to just have a few extra capos lying around.  Our favorite is the Shubb S1 Acoustic Guitar Deluxe Capo.  It is easily adjustable to fit the neck of almost any guitar and the shiny stainless steel looks awfully nice.  It will set you back about $25 but that you’ll save your guitar player many frantic searches around her home.

Shubb S1 Acoustic Guitar Capo


2.  A Book of Music By a Favorite Artist

Plenty of guitarists are songwriters, but there are also very many guitarists who are perfectly happy to play other people’s music.  And when other people includes people like Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen, one can understand why.  A good book of music will provide hours of pleasure and enable the guitar player on your list to play like a rockstar while playing the songs of a rockstar.  We’re in a Bob Dylan phase right now and think a good Bob Dylan anthology makes a great gift.  Most music books are $30 or less.

Bob Dylan Anthology:  Guitar Tab Edition


3.  A Tuner

As much as we would all like to be able to tune by ear (and quickly), some of us have ears that are more attuned to minor fluctuations in tone than others.  But these days it doesn’t really matter.  You can get a superbly accurate clip-on tuner for less than $10.  Our current favorite is the Snark SN-1 Tuner.  It clips on to determine the note of the string by vibration rather than sound and delivers highly accurate results.  We especially like its many-colored display which is easy to see in light or dark environments.  And its small size means that it can even be put in the sock by the fireplace.

Snark SN-1 Tuner

4.  A Gigbag

Sure, most higher quality guitars come with a nice hard case but sometimes you don’t realize just how heavy those cases are until you take your guitar out of them.  For those situations where your guitar doesn’t need the extra protection of a guitar case, we recommend a nice gigbag.  It’s light, it requires less space and gives off the aura of the traveling musician.  For under $20, the On Stage GBA4550 Acoustic Guitar Gigbag can help that guitar player on your list to lighten their load – and who doesn’t need that at the holidays?

On Stage GBA4550 Acoustic Guitar Gigbag

5.  A Slide

If your guitar player has been playing with regular strumming and picking for some time, it might be time to try playing a little slide guitar.  And what’s the first thing the guitar player needs to play slide guitar?  That’s right.  A slide!  Like a lot of exciting guitar accessories, a slide is very inexpensive and will help the guitar player expand their repertoire quite a bit.  We like the Jim Dunlop 210 Medium Bottleneck Slide for around $5 but there are many slides out there for under $10 that will open up a whole new world of guitar playing to the player.

Jim Dunlop 210 Medium Bottleneck Slide

Whatever you choose for that guitar player on your list, we hope that it is a great holiday for you and the player.  And we expect that there will be just a little more celebrating going on in the home of the guitar player that gets any of these items.


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