Martin 00-45SC John Mayer is Martin’s 3rd John Mayer Signature

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Martin recently released the Martin 00-45SC – a small bodied, 12 fret acoustic.  The release of the Martin 00-45SC John Mayer was originally meant to coincide  with the release of John Mayer’s album Born and Raised, but the album was delayed and the guitar came first.

The Martin 00-45SC John Mayer is not for those with thin wallets.  The guitar is a limited edition with a list price of $13,999 – but at that point who’s counting?  Martin only plans to release 250 of this model.

Dick Boak describes the Martin 00-45SC John Mayer as a songwriter’s guitar – very comfortable for playing on one’s lap.  While we are drawn to the beautiful inlay on the headstock, our economical side wonders if we wouldn’t be just as happy with a Martin 00-18V.

Martin 00-45SC John Mayer on Fretbase


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