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During a recent conversation about their dreadnoughts, Dave and Brian were wondering why it is so easy to get online information about digital cameras, iPods and other products but so hard to get info and connect with others sharing an interest in guitars.

Soon after that conversation, Dave needed help in playing L.A. Freeway by Guy Clark and Brian needed to talk to an expert about using a violin bow on his Gibson Les Paul.

Fretbase was born.

We’re excited about the site and plan to continue expand and improve it to create a powerful online community for guitarists. We hope you like it.

Brian Stolte – Co-Founder and Editor in Chief

Brian started playing guitar when he was 13 years old. He immediately grew a mullet and began learning every Led Zeppelin song in the catalogue. Since then his musical tastes and his playing have ranged from jazz and classical to jambands and country but his main musical interest is firmly rooted in the blues. His axes of choice these days are the venerable Gibson Les Paul Standard, the Epiphone Casino and a Fender Nashville B-Bender Telecaster. Previous to Fretbase Brian worked at SideStep and Yahoo.

Dave Mandelbrot – Co-Founder and Publisher

Dave came a little late to the guitar. He didn’t start taking lessons until he was well into his 30′s but since starting he hasn’t been able to put the instrument down. Dave prefers acoustics and is proud to acknowledge his love of Neil Diamond *and* John Denver.  His first guitar was a Martin J-1 (since discontinued).  Lately he has been looking more closely at OM guitars since he has been getting more into fingerstyle playing. He still often thinks about a nice used Taylor 414 Koa that got away. Dave has seen Lyle Lovett perform live at least a dozen times and is also a big fan of Patty Griffin, John Prine and (more recently) Brett Dennen.  He is very sorry that he’ll never get a chance to see Mississippi John Hurt live.  Before Fretbase, Dave worked at Yahoo and Netscape.

Benjamin Curtis – Lead Developer

Ben Curtis needs no introduction.  Mr. Curtis invented Ruby on Rails while on vacation in Baton Rouge.  From there he became the third founder of Google and the fourth founder of YouTube…but has yet to receive his due credit.  After taking a leave of absence to work on proving the “Grand Unified Field Theory” he came back to build Fretbase.  If you’d like to get in touch with Ben you can reach him here.

Andrew Reissiger – Contributing Editor

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Andrew Reissiger is a composer/performer on the electric and nylon-string guitar as well as the charango, a small Bolivian stringed instrument purportedly from the highest city in the world. His colorful music has been heard in between news stories on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and featured on the live performance radio show Mountain Stage. He is a co-founder of the experimental world music ensemble Dromedary, described as a guitar-lover’s delight by The All Music Guide and hailed for its “sheer effortless audacity” by “All About Jazz.” He has appeared on critically acclaimed recordings by Puerto Rican Nueva Trova hero Roy Brown, Americana artist Jonathan Byrd, and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger. Andrew is also an award winning radio producer and filmmaker. His documentary film El Charango (co-produced with photojournalist Jim Virga and Tula Goenka) debuted at the 2005 Silverdocs/Discovery Channel Film Festival in Washington D.C. You can visit his official website here.

Friends of Fretbase

The following sites are friends of Fretbase.  These folks have helped us out along the way and we’d just like to take a moment to recognize them.

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