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Paul Reed Smith Adds New Amp: PRS 30 Combo (Video)

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

prs_30_comboPaul Reed Smith has just announced a new amplifier called the PRS 30 Combo. The new amp features four of EL84 tubes with a control layout similar to PRS’s Dallas model that was announced a year ago at Winter NAMM 2009.  The PRS 30 Combo has a 12” ET65 WGS speaker, reverb and a bright switch.  PRS describes it’s tone as “an English sound with an American twist.”

“The PRS 30 Combo offers classic EL84 tones with some special tweaks to the EQ section that give it a character all of its own. All this in a compact but powerful package… the PRS 30 Combo excels at everything from Country to Classic Rock to Blues,” said PRS Amplifier Business Unit Manager Michael Clark.


The Pyramid Guitar Amp: 3rd Power HLH 100

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

hlh_system_2v2The 3rd Power HLH 100 guitar amp has to be one of the coolest amps we’ve seen in a while.  While the head is a nicely built hand-wired 100 watts, it’s the amps distinctive speaker cabinets that make this tone machine stand out.

We’re just picturing a stage with about 30 of these small pyramid shaped cabinets all stacked together to create the ultimate wall of sound.  Plus these triangular shaped cabinets have an advantage over their square cousins…


Roland’s CUBE Amp Giveaway

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

picture-2If there’s one thing we’ve learned working here at Fretbase it’s that everyone loves something for free.  Giveaways are hugely popular among our readers so when we’re learned about Roland giving away CUBE amplifiers we just had to post on it.

Roland’s “One in a Million” contest will give the first place winner one of every CUBE amplifier Roland currently manufactures, 14 in total. Second place will have a choice of five CUBE amps, and third place will have a choice of three CUBE amps.   The only requirement to enter is to own (or borrow or steal) a CUBE amp because you’ll need a picture with you and the CUBE amp. You probably have to be a certain age too but we’ll let you dig through the rules.  Creativity counts here too folks – a panel of judges at Roland will be critiquing your composition.


VHT Announces The Handwired “Standard 36″ Head (w/ audio)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

VHT Amplification has annouced a new amp to their “Standard” series – The Standard 36.  The new head is a 36-watt, two channel head that’s driven by three 12AX7 tubes on the preamp side and four EL84 tubes for the power amp with a 5U4G rectifier tube that gives the amp a classic American voice but in a high quality, hand-wired construction that ensures road-worthiness and many years of gigging glory.

VHT hand builds the amps at their factory in Brisbane, CA and each one is carefully tested by the team to ensure a high quality, consistent amplifier.   Check out the sound clips…


From NAMM: Supro Amps

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Supro Amps, built during the ’50s until 1968, made famous when Jimmy Page revealed he used the amplifiers recording Led Zeppelin I is now available again.  Brought back to life from the folks who make Zinky amplifiers you can now get a sweet looking Supro without the vintage price.  Right now the Supros are Zinky amps in the Supro cabinet.