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Best Guitar Exchange Policy Ever

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

We’ve all been there.  You plunk down a paycheck to buy that last guitar you’ll ever need.  Then, at some point 2 or 3 years later you want to trade that guitar in for the last guitar you’ll ever need.  Repeat.

So we were awfully intrigued when we learned about Buffalo Brothers Guitars and their shocking “100% Upgrade Policy.”  Apparently these crazy Buffalo Brothers allow you to return your used guitar that you bought from them and get *the full amount you paid* to apply towards the purchase of a new guitar that is at least as expensive as the one you are returning.  Are they insane over there?  Sure there is some fine print, but nothing too ugly (at least not compared to this).

We like this method a lot more than the one used by most retailers – give you back half of what you paid and then turn the guitar around and sell it for 75% of what you paid.

We’re so inspired by this policy that we were considering moving Fretbase to Carlsbad, but then we figured that a town with people with a policy like this can’t have great drivers.

Buffalo Brothers Guitars

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