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The Voice Capo (with video)

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

hand_guitar_web_480Here’s a cool device that might make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite guitar player.

The Voice Capo is a chord-forming capo that fits over the first four frets of a guitar and allows you to selectively hold down strings at any fret location at the top of the neck.  This unique set up allows you to a number of cool things including changing to open tunings without re-tuning the guitar or just accentuate lines over the top of open chords.

The folks at Voice Capo are quick to point out this isn’t an “easy chord” device.  It’s meant to provide freedom to play on top of open chords.  As with most things, a video is worth, like, two thousand words, or something like that.  Thank-you YouTube. And thanks to the folks at Voice Capo.  Check it out…


The Planet Waves Dual Action Capo

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

As a guitarist, there are a few items in addition to your guitar that you always want to have at the ready:  some picks, an extra set of strings, a good tuner and…a quality capo.  The capo, of course, allows you to change the pitch of your guitar on the fly.  Up until now, we have always recommended Shubb capos.   They are reasonably priced (generally under $30) and they go on with a nice strong clamp.  But they do have one big drawback.  They generally require two hands to engage – which can be a pain when you are performing and want to do make a fast switch.  Enter the Planet Waves Dual Action Capo.  Full Story…


Barre Chord Playing Tip

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Part of the challenge in playing barre chords is that the tension in the string makes it hard to effectively fret so many strings with one finger.  With less tension on the strings, fretting is much easier.  There is a great solution to help lower the tension and improve your barre chord playing.  Full Story.