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Quick One: PGS Video Montage of Fingerpicking Styles

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Here’s a cool video from showing a compilation of guitar player’s fingerstyle techniques.  It’s a great video with some great camera shots of some of your favorite guitar players doing their thing.  Highly recommended.  Via Stratoblogster


Phil Keaggy Struts All The Tricks

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Phil Keaggy Tears It UpIf you’ve ever wanted a single nine-minute demonstration of every acoustic guitar technique imaginable, Phil Keaggy delivers.

On my regular YouTube shred-trawl, I recently discovered a gem of a performance by Keaggy in which he demonstrates the perfect execution of everything from standard fingerpicking to slapping, looping, mid-song retuning, and body percussion.

I’ve annotated below with a few of his techniques and when in this awesome track you can find them.  Full story… (more…)

Learn Travis Fingerpicking

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

The early folk guitars players were strummers.  They would use a pick or their thumb and strum all or most of the strings at the same time to create chords.  Then Merle Travis came along and popularized a type of playing called fingerpicking or, after Merle, Travis picking.  With Travis picking, each string is plucked individually with the thumb and fingers of the right hand (usually with the thumb playing an alternating bass line) while the left hand forms the chord to create a somewhat more fluid sound.  The style was made even more popular by Chet Atkins.  If you like Dust in the Wind by Kansas, you like Travis picking.