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Review: Martin Taylor Guitar Academy

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

ArtistWorks, based in California’s Napa wine country, is taking online lessons to a whole new level, combining some of what’s best in the online lesson format with a personal interaction between student and teacher.  Fretbase was given exclusive access to the Martin Taylor Guitar Academy where students can get one-on-one interaction with Martin Taylor himself, an award-winning British jazz guitarist.  We’ve also included some sample lessons at the bottom of the post.  Check it out!


Fretlight Lesson Player Software Released for Mac

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Optek, a guitar education company, has an interesting way to help you learn to play guitar.  The company has a system called "Fretlight" where you actually plug a guitar into your computer and the guitar lights up on the fretboard to show you where your fingers should go during a song.  The company sells both acoustic and electric versions of their guitars with lighted fretboards that are syncronized with the songs or lessons you are learning.  Today the company announced that their software is available for the Mac.  The good part about this system is that if you ultimately use your Fretlight guitar in concert you are already on your way to a compelling light show.

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