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Lyle Lovett, John Prine and Ray LaMontagne to Appear on Elvis Costello Talk Show

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

ray-lamontagne-with-elvis-costelloSome days it feels like the world is giving you lemons.  But today, it feels like the world gave me lemonade.  On Wednesday, January 13th, Elvis Costello will welcome Lyle Lovett, John Prine and Ray LaMontagne on this show Spectacle:  Elvis Costello with… (yes, this could be the worst name ever for a show, but who cares when the musicians are this good?).  The show promises an exploration of the role of the Singer/Songwriter.  And who better than these three?


Fingerstyle Master Richard Gilewitz

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

richard_gilewitzNever heard of Richard Gilewitz?  Neither had we until tuned-in Fretbase reader Yvonne contacted Dave and I and said we have to check this guy out.  Well we did, and we were very happy to find a fantastic fingerstyle guitarist.

Richard Gilewitz has a style reminiscent of Leo Kottke and has in fact shared the stage with Leo among other musicians that include Warren Zevon, John Prine, Adrian Legg, Taj Mahal, Steve Morse, Sonny Landreth and The Indigo Girls.   This solo performer combines quips and tunes with a little history to deliver a timeless picture of American and European fingerstyle guitar.


Best Live Albums Featuring Acoustic Guitar

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

While spending an inordinate amount of time on the Acoustic Guitar Forum this week (o.k., every week), we were struck by a question posted by a user on the best albums that feature a singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar.  While some of the obvious choices were mentioned (is anybody surprised to see Eric Clapton Unplugged on the list?), there were a few choices that we didn’t expect.  We were especially shocked by the album that got the most mentions.  We like the one whose picture we chose for this story, but that one wasn’t the #1 choice.  If you want to know which album was mentioned most often by guitarists in the forum, read on.


Great (Free) Easy Song Lessons

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

When I started playing the guitar, I regularly combed the Web looking for good easy songs to play.  Sometimes, I could tell the song wasn’t that hard and I could find good tabs but the tabs alone wouldn’t do it.  (I wasn’t so good at this at first.)  I needed some help with a good strumming pattern.  Sometimes, I couldn’t even tell what the time signature was (in fact, I just had to ask Brian what to term is for “time siganture” – maybe I haven’t come that far).

That experience made me pretty excited to come across the website Guitar Noise.  David Hodge, the Lead Editor and Senior Columnist and also a guitar teacher, has created *very detailed* lessons for roughly 40 great “easy” songs on guitar – all with detailed instruction on how to play those songs and very accurate tabs.  Most of the songs also have embedded soundclips so you can hear what you are trying to play.

What is wonderful about these lessons is that Hodge picks great songs to try to play (primarily on acoustic guitar).  Songs run the gamut from REM’s Man on the Moon (which we wrote about a couple of weeks ago) to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

Once you knock down the first 40 (and are older than the strummer in the photo), there are great intermediate songs as well.

Thank you, Guitar Noise.  And we’re ready for a good John Prine tune when you’re ready.

Easy Songs for Beginners (Guitar Noise)

Photo Credit: lisatozzi via Creative Commons License

John Prine’s Guitars and Music

Friday, June 27th, 2008

I came to the John Prine party a little late.  About two years ago, I was watching an episode of Austin City Limits that I had tivo’d (if we had started this site 9 years ago, Tivo is all I’d be talking about) when John Prine started playing Long Monday.  I had just one thought.

“How have I not heard of this guy?”

John Prine is a classic folk singer-songwriter.  Big on acoustic guitar, big on using his songs to tell a story, just big-time songwriting and playing from a guy from a small town (Maywood, Illinois).  Prine’s songs are funny and thoroughly entertaining.  Prine does some fingerpicking and some strumming (and uses different guitars for each).  I prefer it when he fingerpicks but either way, I’m awfully glad I finally made it to the Prine party.