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Pink Floyd Tracks Might Be Removed From iTunes

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

dark-side-of-the-moon_dark_sidePink Floyd and EMI have been locked in a legal battle over the digital sales of the Floyd’s catalog on services like iTunes.  Pink Floyd has argued their contract, signed before the era of digital downloads, requires the band’s approval to sell individual tracks.  At stake is £10M ($15M USD) in unpaid royalties.


Pink Floyd, Blur, Led Zeppelin album covers on UK stamps

Friday, October 16th, 2009

picture-2Gotta hand it to our mates across the pond on this one – what a cool idea.  Pink Floyd, Blur, The Clash and Led Zeppelin are among some of the bands set to be featured on a new range of Royal Mail stamps.

Philately (fancy word for stamp collecting) website Norvic Philatelics has reported that next year 10 stamps will feature album artwork from a number of UK bands.  Circulation will begin on January 7th.


EHX’s Effectology

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

exh_logoThe geniuses over at Electro-Harmonix have started a new series on their blog called “Effectology” that display some of the amazing capabilities of the EHX effects when placed into the right hands.  In their first installment Bill Ruppert managed to make an electric guitar sound like a blue harmonica using a HOG, Micro Synthesizer, Wiggler and a Holiest Grail.

And in their second installment Bill Ruppert recreated the sound of Pink Floyd’s “On the Run” from “Dark Side of the Moon” (pedals used: Micro Synthesizer, Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai, Frequency Analyzer, Big Muff Pi, Stereo Pulsar).  It’s some very impressive stuff.

Check out the videos…


Great (Free) Easy Song Lessons

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

When I started playing the guitar, I regularly combed the Web looking for good easy songs to play.  Sometimes, I could tell the song wasn’t that hard and I could find good tabs but the tabs alone wouldn’t do it.  (I wasn’t so good at this at first.)  I needed some help with a good strumming pattern.  Sometimes, I couldn’t even tell what the time signature was (in fact, I just had to ask Brian what to term is for “time siganture” – maybe I haven’t come that far).

That experience made me pretty excited to come across the website Guitar Noise.  David Hodge, the Lead Editor and Senior Columnist and also a guitar teacher, has created *very detailed* lessons for roughly 40 great “easy” songs on guitar – all with detailed instruction on how to play those songs and very accurate tabs.  Most of the songs also have embedded soundclips so you can hear what you are trying to play.

What is wonderful about these lessons is that Hodge picks great songs to try to play (primarily on acoustic guitar).  Songs run the gamut from REM’s Man on the Moon (which we wrote about a couple of weeks ago) to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

Once you knock down the first 40 (and are older than the strummer in the photo), there are great intermediate songs as well.

Thank you, Guitar Noise.  And we’re ready for a good John Prine tune when you’re ready.

Easy Songs for Beginners (Guitar Noise)

Photo Credit: lisatozzi via Creative Commons License