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The Rittenhouse Guitar Giveaway

Friday, July 10th, 2009

rittenhouse_guitarasAre you a fan of relic’d guitars?  Lately we’ve been hearing more and more about relic guitars, especially after Fender announced the Road Worn series.  One of the drawbacks we’ve noticed with the Fender Road Worn guitar is that each of the Strats and Teles all have the same wear and tear marks.  You basically lose what is probably the best part of a worn out guitar – it’s uniqueness.

Well we’ve found a great alternative for you.  Rittenhouse Guitars makes custom built relic guitars that individually constructed and given their own unique look and feel.  In addition Abe Rittenhouse only uses top quality parts, including Lollar pickups (you can also request your favorite brand if you like).

But it gets even better…


Poll: Is “Relic” Gear a Fad?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

We just noticed that you can get “relic” effects pedals now.  Fender, at the recent winter NAMM show, announced a new line up of “Road Worn” Strats, Teles and bass guitars for the masses. For years the Fender Custom Shop has offered pricey relic’d models.  A man named Tom Murphy, who works with Gibson, has perfected a technique to make your brand new guitar look 20 years old and it only costs an extra grand.  If you’re the DIY-type, just search the web and you’ll find tons of tips, suggestions and techniques to age your guitar.  Full Story.