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Poll: Is “Relic” Gear a Fad?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

We just noticed that you can get “relic” effects pedals now.  Fender, at the recent winter NAMM show, announced a new line up of “Road Worn” Strats, Teles and bass guitars for the masses. For years the Fender Custom Shop has offered pricey relic’d models.  A man named Tom Murphy, who works with Gibson, has perfected a technique to make your brand new guitar look 20 years old and it only costs an extra grand.  If you’re the DIY-type, just search the web and you’ll find tons of tips, suggestions and techniques to age your guitar.  Full Story.


Fender Introduces “Road Worn” Guitars and Basses

Monday, January 5th, 2009

It looks like Fender is taking a cue from the world blue jeans and making the worn-out look a new fashion with guitars.  Soon you’ll no longer have to wait 20 years and beat the hell out of your guitar to get that worn in look.  Fender is introducing a new line of guitars called the “Road Worn Series“.

The Fender Road Worn Series guitars will have a distressed look that’s often featured on some of Fender’s higher-end Custom Shop replicas.  The Road Worn Series will consist of the ’50s Telecaster, ’50s Stratocaster and ’60s Stratocaster and a ’50s Precision and ’60s Jazz bass.