Maxon AD-9 Pro Analog Delay

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Description: Maxon AD-9 Pro Analog DelayEDIT

Maxon designed the 9-Series AD-9 Pro Analog Delay pedal to be the best sounding, most reliable analog delay ever. Improved construction including through-hole, glass reinforced epoxy PCB’s, snap-in PCB connectors, and true bypass switching guarantee trouble free performance. The combination of one Panasonic MN3205 BBD IC and one Signetics NE570 compander provides warm yet crystal-clear delay time with adjustable repeats and zero clock noise.

The AD-9 Delay Pedal captures all the classic sounds of the most sought-after vintage analog delay units. With 10-300 milliseconds of variable delay time provided by a Panasonic MN3205 (low voltage BBD IC, now out of production), the AD-9 Analog Delay can produce a wide variety of time-delay effects, from Rock-A-Billy slap-back echo to erratic, runaway delays. The Maxon AD-9’s Repeat control provides additional spatial effects by adjusting the repeats from one to infinity to emulate various room sizes. Calibrated for self-oscillation, the AD-9 is an analog delay pedal capable of “UFO landing” effects as well as many other bizarre sounds limited only by your imagination.

The AD-9 stompbox’s Delay Level control adjusts the mix between dry and effected signals, allowing the delayed signal to sit back behind the input signal to add subtle ambiance or right up in front for greater impact. Stereo outputs provide a variety of signal routing options for use with multiple amplifier setups or mixer channels. All sounds are provided with zero clock noise thanks to one Signetics NE570 compander and true bypass switching using a 4PDT mechanical switch. Since their introduction in the early 1980’s, Maxon 9-Series designs have achieved a legendary, almost mythical status with pedal connoisseurs around the globe. The reasons for this are simple superior sound quality and innovative features that offer a seamless interface between performer and performance nothing more, nothing less. 20 years later this rule still holds true. Now available with improved circuitry including true bypass switching, Maxon 9-Series effects remain the standard by which all others are judged.

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Street Price: $337.50 / MSRP: $375.00

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Specifications: Maxon AD-9 Pro Analog DelayEDIT

Input Impedance: 500K Ohms
Output Impedance: 10K Ohms
Residual Noise: -100 dB or less (IHF-A)
Delay Time: 20 mSec to 450 mSec
Equivalent Input Noise: 116 dB or less (IHF-A)
Controls: Delay Time, Feedback, Delay Level
Switch: Single/Dual Mode, Effect
Operating Voltage: 9V
Power Consumption: DELAY TIME MIN 39mA/DC.9V 38mA/DC.10V
Dimensions: 74 mm (W) x 124 mm (D) x 54 mm (H)
Weight: 80 grams (including battery)
Battery: 9V battery (6LR61 or 6F22) x 1 or Maxon AC adaptor
Battery Life: Manganese dry battery more than 2 hours 25deg C / 77deg F (Panasonic 6F22NB) Alkaline dry battery more than 8 hours 25deg C / 77deg F (Panasonic 6LR61G)
Option: Maxon AC adaptor (Maxon AC210N for North America)
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