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The Marshall AFD100 is an all tube amplifier that is a collaboration between Marshall Amplification and guitarist Slash. The AFD stands for “Appetite For Destruction” and the amp is modeled after the vintage Marshall Slash used in the 1987 recording of the Guns N’ Roses album.

The history behind the original amp that Slash used for the recording has become a part of rock legend. Slash had rented what is believed to be a hot-rodded, 100 Watt, pre-master volume model from the early 70s from the rental company S.I.R. Slash fell in love with the amp and to keep the amp for himself, Slash told S.I.R. the amp had been stolen. In what could be called a fitting display of karma, the amp was stolen back from Slash a year later during tour rehearsals.

The Marshall AFD100 is an attempt to recreate the classic sound that Slash had achieved with the vintage ’70s Marshall head. The amp is still currently in development and Marshall has created a website dedicated to the development of the AFD100.

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