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The Fender ’57 Twin-Amp—one of the most collectible amps of all time—is the latest member of our acclaimed Custom Series family. Its harmonically rich clean tones are great for vintage rock, blues and country; crank it up for fat, sophisticated distortion.

This all-tube combo amp has hand-wired circuitry; we’ve even reproduced the 1955-57 edition “low powered” 5E8A circuit, which puts 40 watts into a pair of 12” alnico-magnet speakers. Power comes from a pair of GT6L6 output tubes and Fender’s rarely seen mid-’50s dual rectifier arrangement (using 5U4 rectifier tubes). With this design, power amp compression or “sag” is more subtle than in many Fender tweed designs. The Twin’s preamp contains four high-gain 12AX7 tubes, three of which may be substituted with 12AY7s for the original ’50s low-gain sound. An internal bias pot allows easy substitution of various 6L6 types. Control panel details include normal and bright volumes, four inputs (two normal; two bright), treble, bass and presence knobs.

The ’57 Twin’s finger-joined solid pine cabinet resonates with a warm, woody tone. The amp is covered in genuine lacquered tweed fronted with vintage brown/gold grille cloth. Leather strap handle on top and fitted cover included.

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Street Price: $3,099.99 / MSRP: $3,880.00

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  • My Favorite Current Production Fender Amp

  • By Chicago Matt on Oct 29, 2011 | 1 out of 1 found it helpful
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  • Pros: Perfect for the Old School Blues, Roots and Boogie music I play. Simple controls, no bogus "drive" channel. All tube including the rectifier. Richest all tube tone available today from clean to beautiful, musical distortion.
  • Cons: The two added internal fuses (not in the origianal 5E8a circuit) have poor fuse holders that become oxidized easily. They act as resistors and overheat, sometimes causing one or both fuses to blow. Bypassed them. The main fuse is all you need.
  • Experience: I own it
  • I found my pristine used 57 Twin Reissue for $1,600 in Atlanta. I would recommend this amp to any...

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