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Reviews: Martin DC-1E

  • its my new best friend

  • By kkidd on Nov 17, 2009 | 13 out of 13 found it helpful
  • On_smallOn_smallOn_smallOn_smallOn_small
  • Pros: The Martin sound is there..a 3k dollar sound for 1k bucks...sweet
  • Cons: The satin finish isnt to my liking, but its one reason its affordable...and Im getting used to it
  • Experience: I own it
  • I would recommend this to anybody and everyone....Ive tried Taylors, Breedloves, Hummingbirds etc etc.....for the price, there may be a few oter nice acoustics out there....but you better be prepared to do a ton of looking and trying them out.....with this Martin...there was no questions..after 3 minutes of playing it, I bought it...this was after hours of trying other guitars....all ranging from 900-2200 dollars....I payed 1099 for it...and I woulda payed 1500's that good.

    I am primarily a hobbyist songwriter, and I play a ton of music styles...folk, rock, blues, pop..etc etc...this guitar handles them all all martins, it is the jack of all trades and the master of them all. I play a sort of hybrid style picking..a lot of arpeggios and plucking with my fingers in between pick suits me perfectly, and make sme want to write more..and play more...its simply a pleasure to play....I have no complaints....I really wanted an hd-28....but that runs about 2700 bucks....this was the closest sounding guitar i could find to that...and for less than half the price....The fishman aero plus electronics are fricken sweet!!!! Built in tuner works pretty well too. It came with a very nice, quality martin hardcase. I bought this at South Shore music in weymouth mass.

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