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Reviews: Martin 000-28

  • A top quality instrument with a sweet and woody timbre

  • By This000-28IsAKeeper on Apr 14, 2010 | 12 out of 12 found it helpful
  • On_smallOn_smallOn_smallOn_smallOn_small
  • Pros: Easy to hold; short scale is easy to play. It fingerpicks wonderfully. The ebony fretboard makes my fingers less sore than other types of fretboards, which means I can play longer with less fatigue. She's lovely but not showy. She sounds beautiful.
  • Cons: It took me a year to pay for her.
  • Experience: I own it
  • She was expensive, but I have no regrets. I would buy her again. I have played a Dread for 20 years, but I wanted something better...I wasn't sure what. On guitar, I play blues, folk, and I like to Travis pick. ( I play other instruments too.)

    I spent 4 months trying different models from Gibson and Martin. I went to guitar stores all over NY State and in Canada. I played a gorgeous Gibson custom made for House of Guitars in Rochester, but I didn't want to spend $7k. Then I found this particular 000-28 Martin (standard series, not the Eric Clapton) at Jackson Music Centre on Grand Island. I returned to the store 4 times in 4 weeks because the sound was so sweet. Bright but not brassy in the highs, mellow and loud enough without booming in the lows. The midrange is clear and precise. She was the first 000 sized guitar I tried, since I hadn't thought I would want a guitar with this small of a body. Boy, was I wrong! She's a lady, but she's got it where it counts.

    She's a serious blues guitar, not jangly. I tried "Bookends" by Simon and Garfunkel, however, which is mostly on the 3 high strings, and she sang so true it astonished my wife (who has heard me play that tune many times over 15 years on other, larger guitars).

    She was well worth the $2,399 I paid; with this quality material and craftsmanship, she's probably a very good deal. Nothing I heard in this range or even about it was comparable. No important part is synthetic--even the nut and saddle are bone. The rosewood and spruce project nicely, so even though she's small and nimble she'll fill a room with sound. Playing licks on that ebony, short-scale fretboard is a treat, too.

    I find myself playing guitar even more now that I own her because strumming, blues progressions, fingerpicking, and noodling lead licks are all so much fun with her.

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