Martin GPCPA1 Review

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Reviews: Martin GPCPA1

  • I was playing this at a local GC...and I want it!

  • By E on Jun 28, 2010 | 9 out of 15 found it helpful
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  • Pros: Full rich sound. I thought I rweally wanted a Taylor but this is kind of a rip off with a full bodied sound.
  • Cons: The price....always the price.
  • Experience: I've used it
  • I've never really played a Martin that I really liked. I love the Taylor sound and feel. Martin kind of stole the Taylor design and created a guitar with great tone and sweet bass.

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  • Beautiful guitar!

  • By cdmis12 on Jul 8, 2011 | 2 out of 2 found it helpful
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  • Pros: Nice deep and even sound. Easy to play. Looks fantastic. Great electronic controls.
  • Cons: My Martin Custom-D is louder but I guess that is to be expected from a dreadnaught.
  • Experience: I own it
  • I recentlly purchased this guitar from GC and I love it. It looks and feels fantastic. Nice to play - a little easier than my Martin Custom D.

    I love the looks - what a nice looking guitar for the money. I am still playing with the electronics to get a feel for the types of sounds I want eletonically. And that is what is so nice about it - so many variations allowable.

    Be careful with the case though! It tends to close down on itself while you are removing the guitar.. then.. ouch!

    Looks great. Sounds great. Plays great.

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  • Unreal sound and playablity

  • By Ima pickin fool.. on Mar 4, 2012 | 0 out of 0 found it helpful
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  • Pros: LOVED everything..It loves to be beat on for rock, it loves pickin. This thing just wants to be played..ALOT..
  • Cons: Takes awile ti learn the preamp..I revert to the 9 settings it comes with..They all sound great..So no real cons..
  • Experience: I own it
  • I swear they make this with crack or some just as addicting..Havent put it down since I bought it..Well worth the price.!!!The neck is alittle widder for us fat fingered folks..Action is light and fast, And the killer is I cant seem to make it buzz..And Ive tried..Play the hell out of it..I swear, This guitar loves it..Great job Martin..Sound is pure tone, deep loud and full.Ive never had a guitar that cost over 1500.dollars..Now I know what i was missing, and was not getting...

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