ESP LTD F-350 Review

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Reviews: ESP LTD F-350

  • This is a sweet axe for 660 bucks!

  • By Ellipsis on Mar 21, 2012 | 1 out of 1 found it helpful
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  • Pros: Packing EMG 81's this axe has balls, clarity the harmonics and squeals sound amazing, a completely accessible 24 fret neck with extra jumbo frets built for speed feels great in the hands. This axe definitely suits my range of hard rock/metal styles.
  • Cons: Typical/expected free floating "tremolo" touchiness and roughness in the "tremolo" tuners. Position of the toggle switch is a little inconvenient.
  • Experience: I own it
  • I have no real complaints with this guitar, though someone really fussy on their clean tone might say differently but if you are looking for super pretty clean tone don't buy a guitar with EMG 81's, LOL. I was sketchy when I seen where it was manufactured but upon examination it seems very well built. I find consistency coming out of some of these manufacuring plants is iffy and I paid close attention for fret height issues, found none (on this particular guitar, pay close attention) and found it has a beautiful well constructed neck slim enough for speed but thick enough for tonality, sustain and pinch harmonics scream out wickedly smooth. A maple neck thru and mahogony body helps recover lost sustain from the Floyd Rose Special, which seems to stay in tune well after you get it balanced up. I'm hoping I can get away with dropping the action a hair but may leave it...I like low action and its borderline now, for my liking. The EMG's pack power, give sharp attack and also contribute to decent sustain. Everything seems shielded well, haven't noticed any noise issues from the active pickups. A distinct body style, black nickel hardware, arrowhead inlays, and a polyurethane finish. Finish applied too thickly effects the tonality of the wood, most Asian built guitars suffer this. This guitar would be top notch if finished with thin layers of lacquer but it is time consuming and would significantly raise the price tag. I prefer binded necks but this guitar not having bindings I am ok with as the fret ends are really smooth, rounded off nicely and flush. The wood, hardware, and electronics are high quality, craftsmanship on this guitar is very impressive for a guitar built in Indonesia, the quality for the price will definitely get the competitions attention. This guitar is the only tremolo equipped guitar in my collection, 3rd LTD I've bought and never had issues with any them though the other two are Korean built.

    The toggle switch placement issue seems avoidable considering body shape and not really a big complaint. The only real complaint is the crappy strings they put on at the factory, leaves your fingertips black. Maybe its a coating to prevent oxidization during shipping?

    For 660 bucks, I figure I'd dish out a substancial amount of additional cash to get a different guitar of equal performance, tone and quality. This was a must have for me, no regrets whatsoever.

    I play classic rock, hard rock and metal. I play mostly with a hi gain, big low end power metal/thrash tone.

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