Martin HD-35 Review

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Reviews: Martin HD-35

  • The hd-35 is not my cup a tea at all,

  • By paulpeller99 on Dec 9, 2011 | 2 out of 2 found it helpful
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  • Pros: i liked nothing about it,in a acoustic guitar dread
  • Cons: too much bass,no sustain tone,flat if you will,and fingerstyle,well you can hardly hear what your playing,sounds flat,and you find yourself almost breaking fingernails trying to get a sustaining tone,and volume.
  • Experience: I've used it
  • I would give this guitar the hd-35 to a bluegrass player with a real hard pick and say bang on it,it is also a stiff guitar to play no matter how close the action,as someone who plays classic rock acoustic strumming,and fingerstyling,i was dissapointed in this martin,at 440 tuning,this acoustic lacks the true tones that are clearly not there for me playing fingerstyle,or strumming to come close to what it really is suppose to for a martin dread worth 3000.00,i will some this up buy saying that it is a beautiful guitar,white bindind down the neck,around the body,and also the 3 piece back,it is a bluegrass dread,it is a difficult guitar to play,i would not advise it to anyone who plays fingerstyle on a dread,with a flat note sound,and stiff playability,its a no,no,and i think martin should focus less on trying to make there dreads for bluegrass,and more towards an all around dread that sounds good,with sustain tone,and not flat notes,and dead sounding without a pick............

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  • Great guitar with plenty of volume, balanced tone.

  • By Steve L. on Feb 21, 2012 | 1 out of 1 found it helpful
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  • Pros: Booming, loud guitar. The 1/4 inch scalloped bracing makes the top VERY responsive. Rich bass but not muddy, good treble with good balance. Great for most any playing. Best for flatpicking and rhythm, although fingerpicking is also nice.
  • Cons: If you want more of a compressed, tight tone do not get an HD model. They are loud, open and booming.
  • Experience: I own it
  • I absolutely love my HD35. It has real magic and great tone. The top is very responsive to input but you can also dig in with a pick. Warm and balanced, strong deep bass, flat mid range with great sparkle at the top. I also own a Gibson J45 which has plenty of mid range, so between these two guitars I am well covered. As with any guitar it is a matter of personal taste with regard to tone. I pick it up and play it every chance I get.

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