Blueridge BR-180 Review

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Reviews: Blueridge BR-180

  • Exceptional Instrument

  • By Goodtime on Oct 8, 2012 | 1 out of 1 found it helpful
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  • Pros: I play Bluegrass, Gospel, Country and some Classic Rock. It handles these with ease. Very rich, boomy sound! My Taylor DN3E is jealous! Easy to play.
  • Cons: The action is a little high; I will soon address this and also change the ugly pickguard and give her a fresh set of strings..
  • Experience: I own it
  • First of all, I love the sound, which is due to the rosewood and the fact that it has opened up nicely over the years. I have several guitars: A Takamine, a Taylor DN3E, two Aria's and a few more and none of them can stand up to the 180. I love the abalone purfling, but hate the ugly pickguard. I will soon change it for a more pleasing one. I just bought this nine yr. old guitar for $400 off of Craigs List and couldn't be happier. One of the best purchases I have ever made. It, of course has some dings here and there and mild rash on the back, but for the price, Hey!, who cares?! It is still very straight. No bridge lifting and no bowing. If you can find a used one at an attractive price, by all means, buy it! I had a new Blueridge BR160 a few years ago and this is sounds much better, maybe because of the age. I play rhythm, and am currently in two groups: a Bluegrass Band and a Gospel/County Band.

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