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Reviews: Reverend Flatroc

  • A Twangin' Machine!

  • By Brian Stolte on Mar 28, 2010 | 4 out of 4 found it helpful
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  • Pros: Great pickups for country, blues - easy to overdrive both the bridge and neck pups. Great price.
  • Cons: One vol and tone knob for both pups, might be too twangy for some.
  • Experience: I own it
  • I just bought this guitar used off of Craiglist and I am absolutely ecstatic about the guitar and it's sound so far. I was very impressed with the construction - I've seen a lot of "off-shore" built guitars that can have a few small problems like poorly dressed frets or a crappy action that can spoil a guitar. Not the Reverend Flatroc. This is one well-made guitar.

    The Flatroc has got a great Gretsch-like tone but I'd say it's even hotter and more twangy. The bridge pickup is a lot like a Tele bridge pickup - very biting and easy to overdrive a clean tube amp with it. But the Revtron pickups can easily do heavy rock if needed.

    It has a very comfortable neck and medium jumbo frets make for easy bends and country and blues runs. Mine has a blonde headstock instead of the black headstock. The color looks vintage.

    For the price it doesn't get much better than this. New is roughly $600 but if you can one used, you can really get a great deal on a very well made guitar. Highly recommended.

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