Santa Cruz OM / PW Review

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Reviews: Santa Cruz OM / PW

  • 2010 OM/PW Honduran Mahogany; Incredible; praiseworthy

  • By Scratch on Dec 7, 2011 | 3 out of 3 found it helpful
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  • Pros: Comfort. It just feels like it belongs in the lap. The low end bass is amazing; gotta be the Advanced X Bracing that pulls it off. Crystal clear for my strumming and fingerplay style. By far my favorite of five nice guitars in the closet.
  • Cons: It was expensive. I retired last year, so the disposable income is not what it once was. I ended up trading two beautiful vintage Guild 12-string guitars for this guitar which caused many sleepless nights after the first visit to the guitar shop.
  • Experience: I own it
  • I would buy it again; I highly recommend it. As a singer-songwriter, I spend significant time in my modest studio where this wonderful guitar stands ready to respond to my frequent calls. I know most of these are crafted of Indian Rosewood, but the mahogany, in my opinion, provides such warmth and character through each note. To summarize this point, it lends perfectly to recording. I gig out some, but this guitar does not leave the house. I'm anal about the way I take care of my instruments and the thought of this one being dinged at a venue would sicken me.

    I've pleased my wife by narrowing my vintage acoustic collection from 17 to five guitars. Within the past several years, I've owned Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Guild, Epiphone, Yamaha and Goya guitars. Our agreement (to keep the peace) was that once liquidating was complete, I would keep those I cannot part with and purchase/obtain one higher end boutique guitar. My indispensibles: 2003 Gibson J45 Custom Rosewood; 1988 Guild GF-25; 1988 Guild JF30-12 (lets face it; no other 12 string comes close to these wonderful vintage; dual truss rod Guilds. They take me back to the folksy 60s & 70s artists who established the 12-string standard). I keep a 2007 Little Martin handy as a beginner guitar for my granddaughter's visits. The Santa Cruz fit my needs perfectly for an OM-sized guitar perfectly suited for the home studio and living room couch.

    I purchased my Santa Cruz at Hill Country Guitars in Wimberly, TX. where it was a special order custom. I'm informed most of these are of Indian Rosewood. I feel fortunate to have found this mahogany model available. Price on the wall tag was $3200.00. I played similarly crafted Martin, Allison, H&D guitars which were outstanding in their own right(s). A similarly constructed Taylor didn't come close. As comfortable as some Taylor guitars are, I've never found one with bass response. The store's competitive Collings and Froggy Bottoms were simply out of my price range.

    I may yet be in the honeymoon phase; but I'm incredibly happy with the OM/PW. Prior to purchase, I performed significant virtual research and discovered that Acoustic Guitar Magazine rated it among the 20 most influential products introduced in the past two decades:

    In my opinion, the OM/PW lives up to those accolades as more.

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