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Description: A Horse With No Name EDIT

“A Horse with No Name” is a song by the band America and their first single. It became their biggest hit single, topping the charts in the US and several other countries. It was certified GOLD by the RIAA.

Originally entitled “Desert Song,” the song was renamed at Samwell’s suggestion. It was written on a rainy day in England, in 1971, and was intended to capture the feel of the hot, dry desert Bunnell remembered from his childhood travels through the Arizona and New Mexico desert when his family lived at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

“A Horse with No Name” was recorded in the key of E minor with acoustic guitars, bass guitar, and bongo drums. The only other chord is a Dadd6add9, fretted on the low E and G strings, second fret. A 12 string plays an added F# (second fret, high E string) on the back beat of the Em. A noted feature of the song is the driving bass line with a hammer-hook in each chorus. A “waterfall” type solo completes the arrangement and may have been borrowed from the Dan Peek song “Rainy Day”, also on the album.

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Song Data: A Horse With No Name EDIT

Original Release: 1972
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Length: 4:08
Writer: Dewey Bunnell

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Song Trivia: A Horse With No Name EDIT

  • The song was initally banned by some radio stations that felt "Horse" was slang for heroin
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas featured the song on the station K-DST
  • It's often compared to Neil Young songs and Bunnell admits being influenced by Neil Young

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